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Thread: Ticket for loot reassignment

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    Default Ticket for loot reassignment

    So yeah, I am wondering if the customer service can help you with this. Basically, we killed a boss in greenscale and apparently the loot distribution was set to free for all (we are not sure if it bugged somehow or the raid leader mistakenly set it) and all the nice loot went for someone, who has absolutely no use of it. I told him to just make a ticket about it, since I just assumed that Trion's CS would help with it (yeah, just because you were able to get help in WoW).

    However, it has been quite long without any response, and I was just wondering if anyone else have already dealt with such issue. If yes, was it only the person who got loot that made the ticket, what did the gm said and obviously, was your issue resolved? I'm completely fine if we will just have to suck it up and move on, but any information about this kind of issue would be appreciated.

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    I have been involved in two loot issues. One in which my need roll on a chest from Plutonus was ignored and the highest Greed roll one it, and one in which a Mage in the group was not given the chance to roll for the trinket from Atrophinius in RD for some reason. In the first case, it took 7 days for them to transfer the chest from the person who won it to me, and in the second case, after 6 days we hadn't received any support and ended up getting the trinket to drop a second time for the mage so I closed the petition.

    This seems to mesh with what I hear from other people in a similar situation... they'll fix it eventually, but it takes a week or more.

    Edit- In both cases, the person who mistakenly received the loot was the one who opened the petition, and they kept the items in their inventory waiting for a fix.
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