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Thread: 5 man Diff ratings

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    Default 5 man Diff ratings

    How would you all rank the 5mans in terms of which is easiest and hardest for T1 and T2.

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    There are other threads on this, but I'd personally say (including reasons why):
    FoLH (second (fire damage on tank if you can't interrupt) and fourth (dps check) bosses may give you trouble)
    IT (3 kings (big tank/healer check - easier w/ purge, but still hard to break into) will give you trouble)
    FC (Queen will give you trouble (tank, healer, dps) - others just require strats)
    RoTF (the tree (tank, healer, dps), Atrophinus (tank, healer), and Twyll (dps) will probably give you trouble)
    KB (suleng could cause you some issues but is pretty easy, manticores (tank issues big time, healer), konstantine will take a couple tries to get down - particularly for the tank)
    DD (spider (minor dps check) otherwise long but relatively easy - particularly with the change to Scarn)
    CC (fourth boss (tank, healer), fifth (single target dps race), last (a little AE dps, a little tank, and little healer) - last fight will be easier when they fix her lightning)
    AP (bird can be a little rough, majolic (healers, dps), calyx (healer))
    RD (atrophinus (tank, healers), eliam (big single target dps race), the first 3 bosses are fairly easy)
    DSM (second boss (heavy death damage), 3rd is a little rough on heals/tank but not too bad, 4th is a bit of a dps race, 5th is a bigger single target dps race (easier than the one in RD harder than the one in CC), final boss is a challenge but it's more about movement than gear - the zone is also long)

    The T2s with "dps race" listed are straight dps checks. You do atleast X dps or you die horribly. The others with dps listed will cause you to be overwhelmed eventually if you don't have the dps.

    If tank or healer is listed it probably means lots of damage on the tank. Some of the ones with tank listed rely on the tank being good at picking up mobs; some of the ones with healer listed require a bit of AE healing in addition to the standard tank healing.

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