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Thread: Please revisit 10-man raid instances

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    Default Please revisit 10-man raid instances

    From a post back in February: 10man

    This post is from a podcost in which the reasons for removing 10-man raid content were given. I'd like to address each of these and then explain why I believe this content should be revisted.

    "1. We’re providing significantly more raid content then we originally scoped. This has allowed us to provide parties of both sizes content that is uniquely tailored to them."

    The only 10-man content currently in the game is the 10-man raid rifts which don't present the same challenges as a 10 man raid especially when you consider this content can be completed by an unlimited number of players since the encounter is in the open world. Additionally, the non-essence items from these raid rifts are the same or in some cases below the level of item drops in t2 dungeons.

    I can understand that while developing the game, the challenge of ramping content to different number of groups would take significantly more resources and most importantly time. With the success of RIFT I would hope that Trion would have more resources at its disposal to test/implement this content in the near future.

    "2. We took a close look at the feedback and questions we received from our player-base AND took a very close look at “other-game(s)” that provided content with multiple raid sizes. Our general consensus is that there can be significant negative effects on the players and guilds as they try to both maximize their gear acquisition and straddle the two different raid-sizes."

    I don't believe that a 10 man raid instance should ever be a substitute for the 20 man raids and I firmly believe that the BEST loot should drop from 20 man instances. However, instanced content jumps quite a bit from t2 expert dungeons (which have 1 day lockouts and 100focus/hit cap) to a 20 man raid (week lockout 200focus/hit cap). It would be nice if there was a smaller raid with a shorter lockout so that smaller guilds could complete the content as well as giving players that are capped out on t2 dungeons a reason to get on more than once a week.

    I believe that its quite a daunting task for a guild to go from 5 man instances and jump into a 20 man raid and I don't believe that raid rifts are a suitable halfway point especially considering their new increased time-sink to open.

    "3. Making this change streamlines our design process. There is a significant time investment in trying to balance difficulty and rewards to the two raid sizes. What we didn’t want was there to be an “easier path” to progression. We knew this ahead of time and were prepared for it. But now this frees up our resources to provide a higher-quality experience and more content overall… or as I like call it “MoreBetter”."

    As previously stated, the game has done very well beyond most people's expectations. Since there has been such a successful launch now is the time to revisit this content. I don't want 10-man raids to be a substitute for 20 but it would be nice to have an extra way to progress after t2s other than 20 man raid content.

    Final notes on post: "For those of you in smaller guilds we totally understand your concerns. We have several designers on the instance team that play in 10-man guilds. But we do hope that you can participate in the 20-man content either by joining forces with another small guild or perhaps growing the size of your own. Even if you don’t there will still be a lot of 10-man content to enjoy throughout Rift."

    Even for larger guilds I think it would be advantageous to have 10 man raids as it would allow people to get into the dungeon and learn the strats so that when the guild begins to do 20-man raids they will hit the ground running.

    Sorry for the wall of text and I hope to get some feedback from the great community and maybe even a Dev will decide to post something
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    NO to 10-man raids.

    Sorry, but waste of time, focus, resources and money.

    Merge with a guild to increase your numbers. Scaling encounters to 10-man is just plain stupid.

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