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Thread: Dungeon LFG tool

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    Default Dungeon LFG tool

    hey guys, i couldn't find a suggestion forum.
    so, we all know the score. we all love dungeons, and might i add the first two i've run on my mage IT and DM were very pretty
    i'll get to the point. i played wow for 4 years i think, maybe more. and in the early days it was your standard
    "LFG DM/ZF etc" in either of the channel for what seemed like an eternity. then along came along the group finding tool.
    For anyone who didn't play wow (and don't scoff as i had quite a heated debate with someone in chat who hadn't played wow and had NO idea what i was on about)
    originally it was a drop down box of all the dungeons that were available to your level.
    you chose which ones you were looking to group for, chose your role, and then waited.
    your name would appear in a list. so that anyone else that was looking for that dungeon would be able to see what role you wanted to play and what dungeon you wanted to run. they would then PM you with the obvious message and away you went. IMO it was one of the best things they ever did.
    there was still social interraction, and still a clear leader of the group.
    Not everyone spends all their time in chat channels, and this would mean people in meridian could find groups with people in other zones without having to spam every channel this side of telera.
    i do recall someone saying that a system similar to this was coming in a patch, but that was in game so i took it for a mere rumour.
    i think this is a step in the right direction, and seeing as we are already ported to the dungeon once one person enters through the portal. (imo this needs to be removed but that's another story)
    thanks for reading

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    and here.

    That last one has some of the best content, I think and most involved discussions. There are quite a few more threads if you search for "dungeon finder".
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