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Thread: KB Expert, manticores ?!

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    Default KB Expert, manticores ?!

    anyone try these lately these just seem impossible the bombs that the other manicore that sits there just pounds on you till you're dead, is there something i'm missing?

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    Don't stand in it!

    I tank this by getting punted around, and even changed my spec up a little (as a rift stalker, I picked up ranger in place of my bard in my normal 51/8/7 spec, some people run this spec anyway).

    I get punted back and forth infront of Soulflayer, and everyone stacks infront of autoch after each punt. Takes 1/2 punts before I spin him around and head back the other direction.

    I taunt and hold aggro on soulflayer from ranged while we play pingpong with autoch until he's down.

    If we have enough healing and someone else capable of tanking, we just split them up by tanking autoch at the tree next to him, and soulflayer just way the hell away some where, with two tanks and two healers/whatever else.
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    From the other thread on manticores:

    Quote Originally Posted by Haldern View Post
    I know this is a bit of an old thread now but I'd just like to say that this fight is all to do with the skill of the main healer and to some extent the off healer, other than having one healer and an off healer group compisition doesn't really matter.

    If you are consistently failing on this fight you should ***** slap the healer/s and consider replacing him/her.

    Here are a few key points:

    - Chloromancer is probably preferable to bard as they have a single target heal (even if it does have a cooldown) and can dispel.

    - There needs to be a decent dispeller in the group. If you are running with a bard then the main healer should do it. If they say "ym dispel heb 45/10 sec cd" (yes I have got this, MORE THAN ONCE) ***** slap them and tell them they have another one.

    - This fight is all about the healers ability to quickly change their target from the tank to the off healer/themselves/a damage dealer and top them up fast when they are getting charged and/or flame appears beneath them. This is why chloromancer is preferable to bard as they have a single target heal that can quickly top someone off. If people are dying then they aren't swapping fast enough.

    - When the main healer is getting focused with the charge or ground fire it is important for the off healer to do their best to top them up fast. Especially when the main healer gets stunned in the fire.

    Bottom line: With a compotent healer this fight is easy. If you are wiping then your healer is incompetent.
    Just like to say that everything I said here assumes the damage dealers and tank aren't making simple mistakes like losing aggro and standing in the fire.
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    Its easy..stack up by the tree on the far right. Pull them both there by LOS, and back to tree to avoid the punt, heal through any Group damage. With a decent healer its alot easier than any other way ive done it.
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