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Thread: Greenscale - Hit, Focus, Toughness Requirements

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    Default Greenscale - Hit, Focus, Toughness Requirements

    I've heard conflicting reports on the amount of hit, focus and toughness required to do Greenscale. I've tanked the first boss with 169 toughness, but am I at the cap?

    Hit - is it 40% total needed, or 30%?
    Focus - same as above
    Toughness - Do you need 150 to negate crits, or 200?

    I understand that talents can reduce the requirements. I just want to know the total amounts needed. If you have sources for your info, thats even better. Thanks!
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    150toughness, 220focus/hit(technically 200 for raid mobs, 20 for the mobs being 52) which is 44%.
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