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Thread: Expert Rift rewards, group vs raid

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    Default Expert Rift rewards, group vs raid

    I've been curious if the rewards for these go up if they are completed with only 5 people or in a single group with outsiders helping. We've been using them as a guild event as a raid and bringing 7-10 people.

    I guess at the minimum is contribution diminished from bringing extra people?

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    I too have been bringing my guild through them just for future raiding experience/some loot.

    Right now, i don't think it affects contribution loot, but the problem is to get the actual good gear, and the epics, its time based: With 5 people, its almost impossible to beat the timers in time to recieve the best loot; but with 8+ people, the timer becomes almost nothing, and in the end we walk away with better loot, and happier people, less wipes, and more fun.

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