didnt really know where to put it but here but its a rather delicate matter

first of all http://rift.zam.com/en/quest/1881347...trange-Trinket arguably by far distance the best melee/caster greater essences are currently guardian only from an extremely easy lvl42 quest ...

srsly this is just ridiculous

on another note http://rift.zam.com/en/item/EFFFEF5C...ous-Shadeshard from the death raid rift is extreeeeeeeemely bad ... its actually so bad its worse than lvl20ish dmg-proc essences
since its 1)proc chance is insanely low 2) cant crit whatsoever 3) is not affected by atk power or any other dmg modifier 4) auto attacks arent noteworthy of dmg (parsed it at about 0,2%of total dmg over severals hours of gameplay, compared to ~1%total dmg that comes out of lvl42 blue dmg procc essences)

also http://rift.zam.com/en/item/C58FF882...hyr-Stormshard from air rift invasion is similar useless... it either procs very seldom or its reduce value is very poor ... it doesnt help whatsoever in not pulling aggro from tank ... poor dd warriors >.>

i'd be glad if the higher greater essences would see some love and a similar op quest essence would be implemented for defiants (as i dont think guardians would agree if the essences would just be deletet from the game which would be the most reasonable thing to do in the first place)