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Thread: Weekly Resets?

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    Default Weekly Resets?

    After two weeks at 50 I finally managed to get a raid together and drop the two world bosses (can't remember their names). Anyways, when do weeklys reset? I would imagine its on Thursdays after the weekly patches. Anyone know for sure?

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    Wednesdays are when raids reset, I assume it's the same.

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    Another thing that I wasn't aware of without asking in the 50 general chat. Well, I wasn't aware that the expert dungeons had lock outs until someone told me.

    Most information that you need seems to get passed n by word of mouth, which is very inefficient, bordering on frustrating.
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    Sticky some #$%#^$# guides so that people stop asking the same question for the 100th time or posting information that is clearly wrong.
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