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Thread: Question about 20 man raid loot.

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    Default Question about 20 man raid loot.

    Last night my guild downed Prince Hylas in Greenblight. For those of you who do not know only two pieces of loot drop from each of these mobs. When we first killed the first 3 bosses in Greenblight, no tier 3 tokens dropped. The 2nd week we went in we received a glove token from each boss (glyphed gloves) and then shoulder token from Hylas and then one piece of loot extra. Two pieces of loot from each boss seems kind of weak imo. It should at least be one piece of tier loot and then 2 pieces of regular gear or even 3. I don't know how the next tier of raiding would be but if a lot of the fights are gear checks the time it would take to gear a guild out in t3 is a long long time. Is there anyway you guys can up the loot prize?

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    This is strange because back on Sunday when we downed Hylas, we got 1 shoulder token and two pieces of loot.
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