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Thread: Funnist thing happened to us in expert FC last night

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    Default Funnist thing happened to us in expert FC last night

    I just hit lv50 on Sunday and want to start trying out expert, got in my first expert group ever and it was for FC. I have to admit my gear and skill was not totally ready and we wipe countless time, but in the end we get it done. Now during one of the wipe something really funny happen and I think it is worth making a post about it.

    If you've done ex FC you will know what I'm talking about, we are at the final 2 bosses, doing the "rift" stages. Everything was fine until the big rock lord, I start to freak out a bit(I was the tank), and in avoiding the fire, I backed off a bit too far and aggo one of those packs outside, one of those with an elite mage like thing with few none elite around him. Then I really freak out and as you might have guessed we wipe soon after, but we already get the lord down to 14k.

    Then the funny part begin, as I was ready to release, I notice the adds turn on the lord, and they are almost equal match. So we choose not to release and watch on. The adds was able to kill the lord just barely, and we get the credit for the kill, and the loot!

    I don't see this as a way to do this boss...but it sure was funny as hell.Finally I wish to thank the group that put up with me last night. We wipe about 14 times, and I would say 90% of them was because of me. Yet not once was I blamed on. Very nice player they are, Rafa, Juice and K??? and B???(sorry I'm bad with names) from Silkweb. I'll be a better tank over tank!

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    nice; for one of my first FC's that boss leashed at 20k hp, we're all like 'wth?' when he ran off with a full heal :P

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