Hopefully it's not a bad idea. My highest is only at 28, not sure if this is already happening in level 50.

I'm oceanic player, and due to my work I can only play no more than 3 hours a day. Whenever I'm online there's like no more than 20 folks in a map around to play with. I am a casual player but really hate how Blizzard considered casual player=makes everything easy, or endless farming. Ranting aside, I wonder if there are more content at end game that would help me enjoy the big games. What I need is accessibility not viability.

What I'm thinking of is small party rift that allows me or players in same condition to be able to complete that gives rewards to help me in participating the real big raid rifts. No I don't want it to be walk in the park easy farming content. I want it to be challenging enough to prepare me for the big thing so I won't be just "riding the backs" of the big party to leech loots. I miss the old AQ 40 in WoW which you could complete with MC or blue gears, but still difficult enough to keep everybody on the toe all the time.