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Thread: Prnce Hylas, Inteded or Bugged?

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    Default Prnce Hylas, Inteded or Bugged?

    Edit: lulz @ my inability to spell intended and prince.

    We did Prince Hylas last night and am wondering if what happend to us is the new intended mechanic, or was this just a bug.

    After completing stage 1, and moving back into his room after animal phase everyone immedietly ganked the Prince to knock him out of his channel. Upon starting combat he was at 38% life. While we were DPS'ing him he continued to channel up to 50% life before being knocked out of it. This is 12% of Full Raid DPS on him before he got knocked out. While channeling that 12% he spawned 2 trees that just stood there and did nothing. Once he got to 50% he stopped his channel and life gain and the tree's went active.

    In the past (before heal debuff change) he would get knocked out of channel immedietly when DPS layed into him. Now it takes 12% worth of damage before he stops?

    Is this just how the fight works now, or is this a bug? It really doesnt make sense to me how someone could just stand there channeling a spell while 15 players sit and beat on him.

    I parsed the raidwide DPS during the 12% channeling phase and we are doing just a little over 13k during that phase, so if its a damage ward or something along those lines seems pretty high for 13k worth of DPS to take 12% worth of channel time to knock it off.

    PS: Are the tree's really necessary? Yeah it makes the fight more challenging but isnt there enough going on already?
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    This is not a bug. Work as intended. Its a ~50k absorb damage ward.
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