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Thread: Best Experience so Far

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    Default Best Experience so Far

    Did Kings breach Expert level yesterday what a great night we all had 3 out of the 5 never did the dungeon on normal mode so that was new anyway.

    First 2 bosses were no problem after 1 wipe on Ravolos we figured him out.

    Then came the twin dragons a bit more of a problem these were but we adapted, improvised and overcame (Shamelessly taken from the film Heartbreak Ridge) after wiping 6 times we used the surroundings to our advantage I will say no more.

    Then there was Shadehorror phantasm again 2 wipes and we figured her out.

    Then the last awesome boss Konstantin I will not say anything about this boss but bring your dancing shoes.

    Trion this was an epic for me

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    KB was definitely a lot of fun. Trion seems to do a pretty good job with dungeon difficulty in this game which I am happy about. Of course it's easy once you figure it out but most bosses require some sort of tactic to be executed correctly for them to be downed in appropriate gear.

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    Agreed. Ran all the T1 experts this weekend with guild and had a blast. Was a bit difficult at first since none of us were geared very well and our cleric tank just started tanking after spending all his previous time as dps/healer so his toughness was a bit low.

    Came out of that weekend with several purples amongst us, including 3 purple shard firsts in our last run of RotF run for our mage. I got a nice purple dagger upgrade from IT.

    The swapping of roles made the experience even better for me. I was continously rotating between sabo, sin and bard.

    Can't wait to take on the T2 dungeons next weekend.

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    Gotta say I've had the same experience of instances in this game so far. There are quite a few "woah" moments. Just wait till you get to the last boss in DD for example.

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