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Thread: DD boss Michael Bringhurst (expert) bugged? Piercing Howl issue

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    Default DD boss Michael Bringhurst (expert) bugged? Piercing Howl issue

    Hi all,
    So I don't know if this is a bug or my group was just not able to figure it out, but we were getting owned repeatedly by this guy's piercing howl spell. He would stand in the light as normal, but randomly spam piercing howl instead of leaving, even when our tank tried pulling him out. Is there something we were missing, or is it random/bad luck/bugged?
    I'm hoping that we're just missing something and there's some strat that can be done, but we couldn't figure it out from multiple tries + watching videos on youtube.

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    I caused a few lulz in group on our first attempt by standing like a ****** in the dark and casting my taunt and other ranged spells, waiting for him to come to me, which he didn't, instead killing us all with AoE.

    You have to actually hit him with melee to get him to follow you.

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