Thought I'd follow the format of some of the other guys with feedback.

Anyways, after a progression night on Hylas today we noticed two major bugs (one has been in since launch, the other is new).

The first bug is that if someone is hit by Contagious Concoction and the Phase 3 (Fluffy Animal Phase) transition occurs, those people will stuck as animals for the rest of the fight unable to do anything. This 'bug' is manageable by pushing him to 13% just after the debuff from the concoction finishes. Although it's sort of manageable it still screws us 1-2 pulls out of 10.

The second and more annoying bug since the Hylas buff is that bringing him out of his healing channel seems to take a _BOAT_ load of damage so we are getting two trees spawn. The second tree isn't too hard to deal with. However, on about 70% of our pulls that second tree would never stop being immune and just stack Hylas up to about 11/12 buffs, causing him to 1 shot us with Soul Fracture.

Other than that Hylas is an awesome fight post buff and it's got my guild rearing to see Greenscale now .