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Thread: Dungeons......

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    Default Dungeons......

    I am a 30+ healing cleric and have only been able to find 1 group to get into dungeons so far.... it is almost impossible to find groups in this game.. maybe the server pop isn't great on some servers and therefore you may never find a group to get into dungeons/raids.

    I am tired of trying and am most likely done with this game. So far its been a fail in my opinion. Better luck next time.

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    atm most people are 40-50 and there are dungeons going 24/7. I can find a expert group in less than 5 minutes on my healer

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    Do you make your own groups or just spam the channels with lfg over and over? I start out by saying i'm lfg but that has about a 10% or less chance of me actually getting invited to anything. I can make my own group fairly quickly most times (couple times i've struggled but most of the time within 5 minutes the group is filled). All my groups are pickup style so its not like I have a clique of people I group with.

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