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Thread: Is there any other rift progress websites?

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    Default Is there any other rift progress websites?

    Beside the one sucks ? Down timer is wrong, lack of responses & updates .....

    We need a better one tbh.

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    at the moment there is only Rift-Progress.com
    If you want, you can write your suggestions to make it to a better site to info@rift-progress.com.

    At the moment we can't do a automatic update, because there is no arsenal / armory for Rift.
    There is a FTP-Service which can be used for Shard-First-Kills, that's all (that means all other kills of other guilds on this shard will be ignored by the Rift-FTP-Service.

    I work hard to make it to a nice site for all.


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    i kinda like the rift-progress site (ty drachen) but my only dislike of it, is the fact that is treats first sight of an encounter rather then latest update. both prince hylas and greenscale are MUCH harder then the first time people fought them. i believe that the guild should get some kind of pin/award next to their name for pre-patched kills, but it shouldn't factor into their progression standings if a significant change has been made to the encounter.
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