So u nerf the plaque fine, but wouldnt i be alot brighter that u did start at 4 and increased it? for god sake ppl that been 50 for long period of time will have such a hugde advantage, i understand the buffs and bad synergy in some souls that takes time to fix and make them not getting to powerful when u buff them.

But giving ppl in t2 15 plaques thats just to much lucky me im really well geared and dont need anything more or less, and i wouldnt mind if u took my gear and everyone else and gave us our plaques back for the calculation of how many plaques we should get back.

However im pretty sure that will give a bigger work to do,

Same thing with GBC for those who wonder the 2 world first Greenscale will not presist once the fix the 2 buggs u can do on him.

Making him a walk in the park, why not just dispawn greenscale before u know there are no glitched, and that Game masters dont follow the top tier guilds on servers progressing to see so content dont buggs and so no one exploit is not to much to ask.

atleast hold an eye on the end pve boss first pve raid, so what will happen?
Well guilds that dont play as active but is better players will have to struggle more than nolifers without job/school. and get glitched content in their hands to exploit while players that comes later in to the pve, will struggle more.

And that u trion dont punish remove the loot and worldfirst for exploiting guilds is just sad.
Also there was some top guild we where fighting with to get PVE world first, and they found the exploit in KB and farmed on plaques on him for ages, and didnt get any punishment.

You cant allow ppl exploit the pve content lock it and remove gear and plaques obtained by it im pretty sure you can log it.

This is not okey at all!
there is also a reason why a certain Lord greenscale kill vid dont shows the whole fight due to exploiting/glitching the fight and showing picks out of the phases where they do these 2 glitches.

This is a new game there are flaws in start but for god sake do your best holding the strings on the ppl that wanna glitch/exploit.

There is a reason ensidia got banned for 1-2 weeks for exploiting on Arthas, the least thing u can do is retrieve back achivement lock of the boss fix him and take the gear and let them come back once the boss is not bugging or glitchable, and if u see ppl glitching on purpose warn then punish.

No im not talking about smart mechanic outthinking, im talking about pure GLITCHING.

So from now on please when u gonna fix classes now do it slowling dont insanebuff a class, and dont give to much plaques/rewards for stuff give it low and increase it instead of decreasing it.

Also despawn(lock) bosses like you did with last boss in KB in expert if they are buggable/glitchable in raid content.

Thank you!