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Thread: Where is the Icetalon..

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    Default Where is the Icetalon..


    Really now..dont get me wrong..There is nothing hard or weird about the fight..but the RNG chance to crit Charge needs to get fixed.

    That fight is quite simple..but i dont see the logic in:

    Charge-->Crit-->5k -->Dead rogue

    Charge-->Crit-->6k-->Dead Cleric

    Charge-->Crit->8.6k->Dead Mage

    Charge-->Crit 6k-->Dead Cleric (again)

    Basically what happened today for the group i was....and yesterday with a different group...and pretty much every time a group attempts him..and more than 1 time.

    Why do we have to wipe many times until he decides not to crit with charge so he wont one shot players? :>

    Its kinda silly that the encounter is like 100% RNG based..if someone will get crit or not..

    Remove the chance to crit from charge cause ye..i can wear my tank gear..the cleric can also.. What is the mage gonna do to counter this totally stupid RNGness?

    Toughness being the last resort to that ******ed ability.
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