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Thread: The levels of difficulties

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    Default The levels of difficulties

    Hello there Rifters. I am unware of all the topics around here as I don't really use the forums that much. But what my question/questions is, it is regarding the dungeons, not raids, but dungeons.

    So when you get to level 50, you can do your instances at, just that their tuned for 50. Now what I wonder is, how many difficulties levels are there in dungeons? I heard there was like first you can do all 50 ones at expert, then you can do heroic, which is alot harder than expert.

    Now, if anyone has the exact answers to these and how they work, I would really appreciate the answers.

    Thanks alot!
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    Level 50 normal instances - Abyssal Precipice and Charmer's Caldera

    Tier 1 Expert Dungeons - Iron Tombs, Realm of the Fae, King's Breach, Lantern Hook and Foul Cascade

    Tier 2 Expert Dungeons - Abyssal Precipice, Charmer's Calder, Ruinic Descent, Deepstrike Mines, DD

    Tier 3 (Raid) - Greenscale's Blight

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