Hope OK to post here as I originally posted in general

I am a rogue myself, a Marksman, Ranger and Assassin at the moment around level 34. most points have been spent in Marksman, with sufficient in Ranger to assist overall ranged DPS, and some limited points in Assassin to give some basic melee abilities together with being able to stealth. But I accept I am sort of winging it as I go without more detailed 3rd party guides, although its fun figuring out where best to spend talent points. However the build is for me working well to level up and after all I think thats OK

However in raids and instances where other folks are depending on me as part of a team, it is sort of clear to me that if all is working right the limited points I have in assassin are wasted as I should not need to melle (Tank takes aggo etc) and I should stand back at range and kill/assist tank as per normal. Nothing ever really changes

Also have mixed feelings about Pet in Ranger, as I am just not sure what damage he is doing to assist overall DPS, although of course it may be some limited talent points spent in this tree/soul are of more use to overall DPS than the Pet itself.

Therefore after spending all the necessary useful and relevant talent points in Marksman, it just may be useful to spend any excess in the Bard soul.........providing I am not handicapping my DPS providing basic heals better provided by a full healer or other hybrid build.

Any views welcomed folks

Oh PS to above, a saboteur can spend initial talent points to increase dexterity......hmm like a free agility boost in WoW........