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Thread: a little info on raid rifts.

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    Default a little info on raid rifts.

    thinking of doing a 5man expert rift. iam on a pvp server. if the gurds come and roll us while we are doing it are we just sol on rift or what? i can see that with normal rifts thats fine but i mean raid rifts req planarite ect to open there should be some kind of safe guard or something.

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    expert rifts = 5 man content
    raid rifts = 10 man content

    i only have experience with expert rifts and i'll say that they only take 10 min or so to destroy with 10 lvl 50 guildies

    so you can either have 5 downing the rift and 5 playing "defence" or just blow down the content before gaurdians can get to you

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    What tiers of gear drop from each type of rift anyhow? Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drathek View Post
    What tiers of gear drop from each type of rift anyhow? Thanks
    Expert Rift = Tier 1 and some fairly decent (up to epic quality) lesser essences.

    Raid Rift = Tier 2 and incredible epic quality lesser essences.

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