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Thread: Iron Tomb - First Impressions of RIFT's Dungeon and PvE

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    Thumbs up Iron Tomb - First Impressions of RIFT's Dungeon and PvE

    Greetings RIFTers,

    First off, I'm very new to RIFT, however I do play just about every new MMO that comes along. I really like the feeling of the community they offer. I've been playing one MMOs steadily for years and years and in the past I have not come across anything that struck me down with awesome.
    Over those years I've also kept a sub to one MMO constant while others changed a bit.

    That being said, I think Iron Tomb as a starter instances was AMAZING. I loved the feel of it and how dark and damp and freakin' scary it was! I actually felt like I was in a dungeon! I will definitely be running it again.

    We started out with (sorry I don't know all the classes specifically) - a bard, a caster dps, a shaman melee dpser (myself), and a dps warrior type.

    After a couple wipes we found another rogue - the warrior went and bought his 2nd spec and went tank - and the healer (who was only 15 or 16) went heals. None of us (well, two guildies put it together I think) knew each other and we ended up completing the entire thing along with all of the quests.

    OMG - so much amazing fun. I can't remember the last time I looked forward to doing an instance again. That coupled with all of the world PvE RIFT is really shaping up to be the real deal.

    I've dabbled in the PvP Warfronts and I'm just as excited about those (I'm on a PvP server), but I honestly did not expect anything from the dungeons. Truthfully - I thought they would suck, lol. I was imagining a boss or two and tank and spank fights. (by the way when the old dude says 'Get into the light and I'll protect you' or whatever... you might want to do what he says )

    If you are considering skipping the dungeon side of things, I urge you to reconsider. Very entertaining gaming in there.

    I wish you all well on your journeys!

    Sunrest Cleric
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    Sounds awesome, I just bought the game, so will probably try it tomorrow.
    Love how a dungeon is actually a dark and dreary place.

    Can't wait

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