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Thread: Pet bars missing in Raid UI

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    Default Pet bars missing in Raid UI

    The public group functions in the game are pretty amazing, and the default UI's copying of Grid is really great (now if people only knew what the colors of the names meant, but this is not the place for that discussion so I'll let you look it up elsewhere, for now just know orange are tanks and blue are healers) but it seems to me to be missing one thing, and this may be a bug.

    When you move the ui elements around there appears to be a placeholder for raid pet frames but nothing shows up in a raid? Can we get this fixed? Especially in early game, ranger and elementalist pets end up tanking quite a bit and ultimately end up dead when none of the raid healers can even see their life. Please help.

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    I knew I had seen something about the pet display in raids, and I finally found it. This is from the beta 6 patch notes:

    •Pets can now be displayed in raidframes. This can be enabled through the raid panel.

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