Darkening Deeps is an L20-23 dungeon located in Gloamwood.

Mobs run in a mix of "running" and paired non-elites with singular elites (early on) and 3-mob elite packs later. If you are on the quest to destroy the alters, the first alter is up the ramp to the left as you come in (all the way at the top).

First Boss (Alchemist Braxtepel): This boss has two helpers, Mursh and Squersh. The boss is immune to damage while his two helpers are up but will throw fireballs periodically at the party while you DPS down the helpers (order doesn't matter here). Pull the helpers away from the boss and kill them. The boss does a frontal cleave, and drops "hot tar" (fire circle) randomly on a party member. Move out of the fire when he does this.

Second Boss (Michael Bringhurst (Werewolf)): The second boss involves freeing a captive who then runs into a patch of moonlight and turns into a werewolf. While in the moonlight, he gains damage buffs that stack causing him to grow larger. The tank must pull the boss out of the moonlight at melee range (otherwise the wolf will use his enhances ranged attack and kill the group. Fight the boss out of the moonlight. The boss will shrink over time as the buffs dissipate. Periodically (timer) the boss will sleep the tank and run back into the moonlight. The tank grabs him at melee range and pulls him out of the moonlight again. Rinse and repeat.

Third Boss (Tegenar Deepfang): This boss is a giant spider. This boss has a frontal cone AOE damage reduction debuff, so the tank should face it away from the party (and dispel the debuff on the tank when it comes up). He will randomly "eye <party member>" which will wrap that party member in a cocoon (effected member is helpless/stunned while in a cocoon). The party should break off the boss (except the tank) to DPS down the cocoon as quick as possible. Healers can LOS the cocoon (which has a cast time) by running behind the stalagmites in the cave. At 50% life the boss will stop cocooning and summon non-elite packs of spiderlings. Break off boss to dispatch spiderlings (AOEs are helpful here) as they spawn otherwise you will be overwhelmed. Tank stays on boss the whole time.

Fourth Boss (Council Geldo): This is actually 3 bosses, Incinerator Gerbik, High Shaman Nuggo and Warlord Swedge. Tank runs in and grabs all agro, while party DPSes down the Incinerator first (frontal AOE so tank facing away from party), then the High Shaman and then the Warlord. The High Shaman heals via a HoT (also heals the other members of the council) so healing debuffs are useful here. The Warlord frontal cleaves so melee DPS should stand behind him.