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Thread: "Abandoned Outpost" - Faen's Retreat (formerly "Timeless Ruins" - Wolfsbane (NA)

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    Default "Abandoned Outpost" - Faen's Retreat (formerly "Timeless Ruins" - Wolfsbane (NA)

    Newly completed remake of my Faen's Retreat dimension.

    "Abandoned Outpost" - Faen's Retreat (formerly "Timeless Ruins" - Wolfsbane (NA)-2020-08-01_165907.jpg

    Formerly known as "Timeless Ruins" I decided to destroy most of what was and remake this Faen's Retreat dimension into a more appealing and user friendly destination. And this time there are NO hidden areas to explore. I may add a few items here and there still but "Abandoned Outpost" as it is right now will remain. I am completely blown away by what I have put together. But then I am biased and it's difficult for me to be impartial.

    Please log in to the NA shard Wolfsbane and use the Dimension Finder to search for "Abandoned Outpost" to check it out. (For some reason the Cross Shard Dimension Finder does not work at all for me and for every player that wanted to check out this dim of mine.)

    For players using lower video settings it will take longer for everything to render. High end PCs should have no trouble seeing everything within a second or two upon zone in. Take a few moments to run around, ride the elevators and take in the views. And be sure to give me a +1 before you leave.

    Oh yeah. And the crafting area is open to everyone. Craft as much or as little as you like.

    Thank you and I hope you enjoy what you see when you visit "Abandoned Outpost."

    (Edit: No addons, mods or editing tools of any kind were used to make this dimension. I placed EVERY item one at a time using the default interface. So when you find seams here and there that's why.)
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