New! The conclusion of the Crucible Trilogy - "Crucible Pt 3: Rebirth" on DW-crucible-3.jpg

"As all tales have an ending so does the trials and tribulations of the Strazeri. Where they once had to flee the destructive environment of their historic homeland and brave the wrath of a fiery volcano, the have now found peace.

Come join us as we see how they have survived and experienced a rebith in order to build a new home and embrace a new direction. No longer bound by their earthen ancestry, they have taken to the skies and into their future...."

Please visit the end of a year and a half journey in the concluding chapter of the Crucible Trilogy - "Crucible Pt 3: Rebirth", a guild sized dimension on DW under the guild name "Catt House". Either visit on DW or whisper "Cattrianna@Faeblight" for an invite.

- Cattrianna (@Faeblight)