As many other are doing atm, i have opened my entry for the Craving for the Caves dim contest. The following is the ongoing trilogy that started in "The Crucible: Exodus"

"The Strazeri, once a proud and productive people, have fled their home of generations in fear. Fleeing, terrified of the natural wrath of the volcano they foolishly awakened in their quest for advancement and growth. Their continuing journey takes them deeper and deeper into the bowels of the volcano, fleeing the encroaching and devastating lava that threatens to entomb them all and wiped them from existence. With their very survival in question, join them in their Odyssey to the deepest depths of their known world and pray they find their way to safety and freedom from the evil they have brought unto themselves….”

New Dimension: "Crucible Pt 2: Odyssey" on DW-c2-02.jpg
New Dimension: "Crucible Pt 2: Odyssey" on DW-c2-01.jpg

"Crucible Pt 2: Odyssey" is presently residing on DW under my alt's name "Cattails"