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Thread: One last run

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    Default One last run

    Hi all, The names Korvac.

    I pretty much all quit playing rift when the Trion sold out. I pop back in once and a while to see if anything new is happening, and played maybe a full hour during Autumn harvest(My all-time favorite event).
    Sadly, the state of that event quickly reminded me while I quit. I guess this Gamigo company is a video game version of Hospice?

    Anyways, I dimmed 80% of my time playing, so if anything the dimmer, sans lack of dim stuff, would be the most untouched by the change.

    Of course, work and kids and other of life's day to day obligations keep me from dimming like I use to. It seems like the Dim community has dissolved a lot as well, which is sad because this community was my favorite thing to be apart. I have sneaked in here and there and checked out some of your open, current dims and you are all awesome.

    My oldest daughter is 8 and she used to watch me play Rift and dim. Last week she asked if I would come back to create a Christmas dim(Err Fae Yule). So I may be back for once more, but I was wondering if any Fae Yule contests were planned?
    Korvac the conquerer.

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    I think i saw someone posting about starting a contest on dim addict discord, maybe you should take a look?

    No official announcement yet though.

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    Gamigo/Trion sponsored a sort of last minute Autumn Harvest dimension contest this year so there may yet be an official dimension contest for Fae Yule.They made the announcement for that in the News & Announcements Forum on Oct. 10. I believe there were 17 entries.


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    I'll be hosting one starting today. Not necessarily Christmas themed, but no one's stopping anyone from making it Christmassy!
    Fwob - Zaviel

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