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Thread: New Dimensions by Gwedhiel

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    Default New Dimensions by Gwedhiel

    Good morning fellow dimensioneers and dimensionerds!

    For those who aren't active on the Dimension Addicts Discord, just wanted to invite you to two of my newest builds:

    Ardwick Manor by Moniqa@Typhiria (EU)

    New Dimensions by Gwedhiel-2019-10-12_100755.jpg

    Caretakers of St Grove by Gaia@Typhiria (EU)

    New Dimensions by Gwedhiel-2019-10-12_101157.jpg

    These builds have been over a year in the making, and were sort of built in tandem. One is a big, posh manor for my arrogant roleplay character Moniqa. The manor is home to her husband's rich, dying relative, whose death she anxiously awaits. (Haha) There's a maze on the grounds, easy to angle your camera over to figure out where you're going.
    *My favourite morph in the dim is the piano in the ballroom.

    And Caretakers is home to my sweet, nave roleplay character Gaia, and her father. He is caretaker of the churchyard, and invested in some sheep to trim the grass so he could tinker on his magitech projects in one of the old mausoleums. Gaia, on the other hand, has planted a bed of wildflowers behind the house to attract bees to sell honey along with her pottery to make a living.
    *Be sure to look for the rifle and cittern morphs inside the cottage.

    I hope you decide to visit them, and enjoy the little details I've left along the way! You can find all my builds by typing Gwed in the Search tab.
    • The Inn at Gustav's Cove by Gwedhiel@Typhiria
    • Secluded Cabin (Gwed) by Warik@Typhiria
    • Dagnir's Crevice by Gwedhiel@Typhiria
    • Morgwaith's Cottage by Gwedhiel@Typhiria
    • Ardwick Manor (Gwed) by Moniqa@Typhiria
    • Caretakers of St Grove (Gwed) by Gaia@Typhiria

    I'd love to know what you think, so leave me a comment. Have a great weekend!

    P.S. If you're planning an in-game wedding and would like to use my chapel, I've enough item-limit left available to do-it up for you.
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    Find me on Typhiria, EU ~ Gwedhiel Zavira Warik Gaia ~

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    they are all worth a visit
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    All of those dims are well built, nicely decorated and worth more than one visit ^^

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