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Thread: NEW Dimension: PASSAGE to HEAVEN

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    Default NEW Dimension: PASSAGE to HEAVEN

    A long time ago Gods build a Passage to Heaven for people to visit their loved ones in the afterlife. Not everyone can enter the passage, only the ones who can resist temptations and the ones who believe and trust in Gods. I found the path, I left a trail. I hope you are the worthy one.

    New dimension: PASSAGE to HEAVEN by Vedora@Typhiria

    NEW Dimension: PASSAGE to HEAVEN-2019-09-03_100158.jpg

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    I was touring your alts the other day as I realised during my absent period I missed a few. I hadnt realised this one was so fresh, and surprised it has no replies!

    This is yet another ridiculously insane great build. I also like how you've gone for a slight change in style. This one seems more immersive within the Rift world, with darker tones, well.. until the end XD

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