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Thread: Suggestion Dimension ideas

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    Default Suggestion Dimension ideas

    i want to proposal really cool ideas.
    Make Dimension entering daily quests ,weekly.
    10 entered dimension friends,10 guild members.
    Make we geined 2 x xp per entered dimension ,xp compared like 2 x like normal quests.
    Make leader public board rating system on every coolest player dimensions.
    Every mouth ,players wich are in top 50 for most coolest designer dimensions,will gain awesome rewards.
    Make rating reward system.

    So..what you think?!

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    no to most...

    dimension entering as dailys, okay could work. but since it'll be a chore, people will jump in and jump to the next. nothing is gained, and they'll probably just jump into their own alt dimensions anyways.

    I don't understand the next thing you want.
    double xp for entering dimensions, sounds nice, won't happen because it's totally taking away the possibility for gamigo to make money, since xp vials are a way to make money ;-)
    public boards already exist. making a system like you propose will not only make dimensions super competitive and negate the helpful atmosphere we have right now, also: the one with the most chars or friends will win, and truly awesome dimensions will not be any better off than now. the system is useless like it is already, since people have been buying +1s for ages *shrugs*
    I like the community as it is right now: call for help and you'll receive help, everybody I know is kind and giving. make it as competitive as you are suggesting, people will be like they are in contests - or after contests - all the time, and this is NOTHING I would like to see happening - or any other person I know, really.

    dimensions are a way to get creative, ease your mind, just dabble a bit. it shouldn't be a competitive area in the game, unless people choose it by hosting and taking part in contests.
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    Yeah, i got to be honest, i dont like any of those suggestions at all.
    Sure the first one could happen, but it would make zero difference.
    As for all the other ones, rating how 'good' a dimension is, doesnt happen as game mechanism, the +1 system along is beyond flawed, as a dim can have tons of them and still not be worth looking at.
    Turning Dimensions into a competition would kill the community, right now we are helpful, talkative and always happy to share, anyone who has been part of a contest or two in a row, have seen how it can either make the confident ones boast or the less confident ones isolate themselves out of shame.
    Some even have left the game because they ''didnt measure up'' and i for one dont want that to happen to anyone.

    Dimensions is for fun, creativity, development, even the newest dimensioneer can have a potentially amazing idea, but lacks skills to execute it, where others got the skill without the ideas Lets not judge either of them, i rather see them inspire each other.

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