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Thread: RP Dim - Karathi'Maan

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    Default RP Dim - Karathi'Maan


    *UPDATED* This is an Icewatch Outpost dimension that I've been working on occasionally for quite some time. I recently returned to the game after being absent for several months.. and since the RP community now seems to be far and few between, I hated to see my dimension go to waste. I put quite a bit of effort into it, so I wanted to share it with others and see what they thought about it. It's open to Public.. so feel free to pay a visit. Please let me know what you think.. and if you like the dimension, a +1 would be appreciated.

    It is a Work In Progress. The dimension is probably 90% complete, as far as I'm concerned. Aside from a few select items, all of the main areas are finished. In some way, shape, for form, the entire area has small but not insignificant details here and there. Since it is a Work In Progress, I'll always be adding something. In any case, I hope you enjoy the dimension. Feel free to give any feedback.. or constructive criticism.

    Note: If someone feels generous, one item that I absolutely am having trouble finding more of is the Orange Brevane Wall Sconce. If you have one or more to spare, or possibly sell, I would be greatly appreciative.

    Dimension Owner: Meigha (@Faeblight)
    Dimension Name: Karathi'Maan (Icewatch Outpost)

    IC Information:

    The fortress of Karathi'Maan guards the entrance to the snowy passes of the Karathi Mountains near the border of Stillmoor and Iron Pine Peaks. The mountain roads lead to the land of Eir'Daane, home of the Elva People on Telara. The fortress is the primary military stronghold of the Sovereign Quorum.. and is administered by Commander Meigha of the Quorum Army.

    The main camp features a porticulum, garrison staging area, a working forge and blacksmith station, merchant's wagon, and a market tent. After the Quorum assisted in the defense of a Bogling village several months ago, some of their people have traveled to the fortress and surrounding areas offering their services.. everything from simple labor to gourmet cooking.

    The garrison stationed in the camp is from the Whitefall Icewatch Regiment and is charged with local security in the area of the fortress. The Icewatch, and people of Iron Pine Peaks, were among the first allies of the Elva people and the Sovereign Quorum when they first arrived on Telara. Because of this, the two have always remained close.

    The forge and blacksmith station provide service for the fortress and surrounding area. In addition to maintaining current equipment, the blacksmiths also provide tools and materials for the Engineering Corps.

    The merchant's wagon is stationed full-time in the camp to provide goods for soldiers, travelers, and the local community. The market tent offers more specialized items and exchanges.

    Following the road North out of the camp and heading West leads to the fortress. The structure faces Southwest and bridges the walls of the mountain pass leading into Eir'Daane. It is divided into two main sections.. the Arcane Institute in the Northwest, and Military Command in the Southeast.

    Military Command

    It is from here that all operations for the day to day administration of the fortress and surrounding area take place. The first room is the fortress storage depot.. with access to deep storage and holding dungeons. The postal, vault, and registry services occupy the next room. This is also where the Quartermaster services are located.

    The main hall houses a section of the Quorum Archives and provides various secretarial services as well. This is also where Officers and other personnel are able to access the Quorum Mission Ledger.

    Off of the main hall are the armory and mess hall, commander's office and situation room, and the council chamber/war room. The mess hall is through the armory and is open to not only soldiers and other fortress personnel, but also travelers. It is equipped with a working kitchen and allows access to the dorms and barracks.

    The commander's office doubles as a situation room. It is from here that Commander Meigha administers the overall operations of the day. Off of the main hall is the Council Chamber and War Room. This is where the Quorum and their allies meet to discuss their joint operations and endeavors.

    Up the stairs from the Council Chamber is the Banquet Hall. This is where officers, ambassadors, and other guests are entertained. The Empress often hosts banquets on her visits to the fortress. Off of the banquet hall is a library and another section of the Quorum Archives.

    The final room is the Throne Room. When the Empress is visiting, it is here that she receives her guests, meets with foreign ambassadors, and conducts her business. The room can be accessed by the Empress through a door that leads to the Sovereign's Apartments.

    Arcane Institute

    The Arcane Institute occupies the Northwest section of the fortress. It is here that much of the Quorum Archive is housed. Immediately upon entering is the institute storage depot.. with access to deep storage and the crystal mines beneath the fortress. Institute Registry and Quartermaster services are in the following room.. as well as runecrafting and spell services.

    The main hall houses the arcane ward of the facility.. which protects the entire fortress and main camp areas from outside portal incursions and other unwanted magic. A large section of the Quorum Archives is available in the main hall, as well. The holding center, clinic, and generator room are all accessible from the main hall.

    The holding center provides for the detention of high-risk persons.. the room has its own arcane ward and magic-dampening system in place. A dedicated porticulum is in place to allow portal access directly to the holding center.

    The fortress clinic also has a dedicated porticulum for direct portal access in the case of emergency. Herbal and portion services are available in the clinic, as well. The Head Physician resides in the fortress and is always available if needed.. and student medical training is also available.

    Beyond the main hall lies the arcane generator room and research facility. It is here that the arcane crystals mined near the fortress are refined and utilized for various applications. Up the stairs from this area is the main section of the Quorum Archive and Library. Students have full access to library and archive materials.. and are allowed to pursue their own research, for the most part.

    And finally, off of the library are the classroom and laboratory areas. The laboratory has restricted access depending on the manner of experimentation.
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