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    Default The New Official Dimension Request List

    Greetings Ascended!

    Since the original thread has gotten rather unintelligible and outdated we would like to start a new thread for new items and dimension items that you would like to see created in the future. Feel free to post your suggestions below.

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    -things like working levers, buttons, etc. So we can make out own puzzles and the alike.

    - The races in "causal" clothing (not armour like the guards have)
    - More animals
    List of animals that would be awesome to see, excluding the ones mentioned below in the Earth Day

    - Inviting people from an alts dim
    - Increasing the cap of some dims
    - Rotate the random dimension boxes, such as the Landquarium ones. Weekly basis, fortnight basis, monthly, not fussed!
    - More "flat" dims, like Mathosian Cascades, Anywhere, Everywhere and Harvest Meadow.
    - Other Building Block shapes, such as semi circles (3d and 2d version), arches (3d and 2d)
    - Kinda dim related, but I do know it is one of the biggest complaints among the entire community. Aventurine cap. 5k is horrifically low. Could this either be removed, or raised up to 15k?

    Contents of the previous mystery boxes (Vostigar Curiosities is the current one):

    Wonders of Alittu

    Earth Day Box (not really a mystery box, it was part of a charity promotion if I remember correctly, but still would be amazing to have as a pack or something)

    The other Mystery Boxes include: Wonders of the Cosmos. Shal Korva Dimension Key Grab Bag. and maybe more, but I cannot find the items that were included in them. I am thinking they may have been converted into Stan's or storebought. Hopefully it might be possible to dig them up somewhere
    Side note: maybe unlocking the Autumn Harvest items, that was a sad day for many.
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    Thanks Liluri, just wondering if this post might be more visible to dimensioneers if it was in the Dimensions forum?
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    Question?: Are dimension items still tied to only being items in game? Thanks to Salvatrix & the old team in the last couple of years we had items introduced that were not in game but implanted via seasonal events. Is this how keys & items for dimensions will continue?

    Question?: Who is taking care of Dimension items?

    Item Requests:

    1) Please put all dimension items from the store on Rift Prime & maybe consider how the loyalty items might be distributed on Prime?

    2) On Rift Live (& Prime) the number one thing that would increase revenue & players is Dimension storage:

    A past thread for more details though there are many. Please let me know if you want me to link them all Liluri.

    3) Another thing to consider I put in the events thread, bringing back Earth Day items for Valentines.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kiwi View Post
    Curious, we no longer have anything for Valentines day which is really odd. We use to have the Festival of Mariel-Taun. Like many I hated the love-bug spam which turned into an item you could buy instead but the festival was never replaced.

    It would be nice to have a Valentines celebration. Maybe Pink Hellbug Rifts just for this day? OR there is also a Corgi event with Extra Life. I am guessing Extra Life will not be continued the way it has been so this event won't be available?

    Maybe The House of Fluffington could become the House of Fluffingtines or something? Valentines could become the epic time of year we celebrate all the fluffy cuteness in Rift, maybe this could be a good time to bring back the items from Earth Day for dimensions (they are not in the game,) companion sales and events/achievements highlighted. Perhaps reskinning companions and mounts into a pink one (as Pink as the Lovely Budgie) that don't already have one like the hellbug, raptor, arclight rider, tuskar, racing snail etc?

    Maybe turn on the love bug spam from Festival of Mariel-Taun just in warfronts?

    Any which way I'd love to celebrate love.

    While I am here: every year Rifts birthday is celebrated with Carnival, will it continue this year?
    4) I think if there was a clean up of currency something that would be fun & might also boost player participation would be a vendor that sells all dimension items from events with one currency to buy whichever one you want from any season earned during events open all year around.

    5) Scotty NPC

    Thank you.
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    NPC's, like commoners, actual people for towns, a couple that stands and talk with each other would be amazing.
    And ofcourse this amazing guy with sound;

    This Roof:

    This circlepattern would be awesome as texture block;

    Gears and the glowy pattern, preferably not together, but with the pattern as maybe a texture block;

    A dimension key with a larger body of water or a desert key even, would be nice.

    Also a solid bottom for those two cliffs http://www.dimensionaddicts.com/node/2612 and http://www.dimensionaddicts.com/node/2580 would make life a lot easier for those that wanna build a desert landscape, adding a sand bottom to them as the shimmersand houses got would do fine, if just solid.
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    I'm going to preface this by saying that Dimensions are probably one of the coolest things about Rift and it's honestly one of the best characters housings on the market especially since you're allowed to morph. It's something that appeals to a wide range of people and it would be great to carry the torch on and make it burn even brighter than it did with Trion. While I don't necessarily believe it should be the number one priority about the game, it should certainly receive regular updates to it.

    Dimension Teleporters
    PvP banners were introduced back in 2014 and they allow you to teleport to the locations you place inside the dimension, but they flag you for PvP. These were already on the to do list back when Salvatrix was around, but other priorities came first. It would be nice to get multiple non pvp versions of these so people can use them as entry points into certain areas as we don't have any opening doors besides the standard ones introduced last year.

    Interactive Doors/Chairs
    Add in some more interactive doors that open and close and allow them to be scaled if possible. The same goes for chairs that let you sit down on them. Even if they're base chairs, they can be clipped into existing items so it look as though you're sitting on them.
    A good example of where to start: http://dimensionaddicts.com/node/1453

    Massive Scaling Wall
    Example: http://dimensionaddicts.com/node/1587
    Give all of the current building block categories giant walls similar to the ones in the link (along with segments, curves and pillars) so they people can build in that textures of their preference without having to rely specifically on the limiting giant walls there currently wall.

    Floors - Also give every building block texture a giant floor to work with like this: http://dimensionaddicts.com/node/2879

    Item space can be very limiting and the less you're forced into using, the better it is for both you and players as most will likely be willing to spend money on buying them which makes you happy and players will be happy with more room for decorating and the like.

    Allow players to buy/craft giant flood lights. We can currently craft a lot of different VFX lighting, but they only cover small portions of the ground/area. If it's technically possible, introduce some flood lights that cover very large portions of the ground so people can properly light larger builds.

    Auctioneer NPC
    At some point it would be nice to get an auctioneer NPC. I know that's one of the few reasons left to visit main cities, but I do think one should be introduced at the very least to guild dimensions. Maybe once Gamigo decides to revamp the overdue guild system in game, we can get it as a new reward for hitting a new level cap or reaching a certain achievement. That would at least keep most of the main cities populated, but still allowing the option for one. Just my opinion of course

    Raid Trophies (Guild DImensions)
    Highlighting this one because I think it's particular important for community building when it comes to raiding. Give raiders trophies of the bosses they get kill achievements for in raids that they can then place upon the walls in their guild dimensions. I do think the mounted trophies should allow scaling to some extent, but either of the two examples below would do:
    Normal Head mount: http://dimensionaddicts.com/node/1702
    Hologram Head mount:

    Scaling Elevator Height
    Again, I don't know if this would be possible, but it would be nice to get elevators (existing or new) that allow you to set how high it goes. It's possible to clip them through most floors, but not all of them. This can make them limiting when you need them to reach specific heights.
    My personal example: https://imgur.com/1IevATG

    Elevators will clip through white flight stone, but they won't take you with it on the way up most of the time.

    Long Term Updates
    Things that would be nice to have eventually in the future.

    Item Space - It would be nice to bring all of the dimensions up to their current item limits. Bring all guild dimensions up to 5k and all regular dimensions to 2800. If it's at all possible of course. I personally haven't kept up on what the reason is besides a semi recent conversation with salvatrix. A lot of VFX effects may start to break/stop working with higher item limits so the more you add, the more those things break, but it would still be nice to see it increased.

    Draw Distance Updates - This is something that probably takes artist time, but many older items have very poor draw distance on them whereas many newer items can be seen from very far away. An eventual update to all items would be nice, but certainly one I wouldn't expect to see until all of the other issues in the game are addressed like contents, raids, pvp ect.

    Entry Point Fixes - You can currently buy custom entry points so that when someone zones into your dimension, it will be wherever you set the item, but if you build off of the ground (which most people do) then others will almost always fall through and get stuck upon entering. The only time where this doesn't happen is if you build on the actual ground or piece that is a part of the original dimension. Many have spent money on this item for it not ever work properly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holyroller12 View Post
    [B]Entry Point Fixes - You can currently buy custom entry points so that when someone zones into your dimension, it will be wherever you set the item, but if you build off of the ground (which most people do) then others will almost always fall through and get stuck upon entering. The only time where this doesn't happen is if you build on the actual ground or piece that is a part of the original dimension. Many have spent money on this item for it not ever work properly.
    Phew that's almost like a summary of every "unable to do" request since 2013 heh.

    To change the Dimension Entry Point (DEP) there would have to be a complete engine & UI overhaul because its the order of how things render in the dimension and interactive items are always last which is what the DEP is.

    However if dimensioneers keep this in mind it might help where/how they are set in future or current builds (also try putting a tile hidden right underneath the surface of where you have the DEP for you to land on while everything renders, try to place it first or use a tile/flat surface item placed first on your item list.)


    Quote Originally Posted by Holyroller12 View Post
    Item Space - It would be nice to bring all of the dimensions up to their current item limits. Bring all guild dimensions up to 5k and all regular dimensions to 2800. If it's at all possible of course. I personally haven't kept up on what the reason is besides a semi recent conversation with salvatrix. A lot of VFX effects may start to break/stop working with higher item limits so the more you add, the more those things break, but it would still be nice to see it increased
    PM me if you want the reasoning on why dimensions are the capacity they are (from past interviews & ongoing discussions with past devs) As we know Level 20 got HK & Golem two instances, they have to be closed in tall spaces for rendering purposes @ 5k capacity. It would be awesome for Level 30 guilds to get epic raid dimensions with 5k capacity. Infernal Dawn has crazy amazing rooms & one from MoM maybe?

    If guilds are no longer getting updates maybe making guild dimensions something anyone can purchase (not just a guild) is worth doing offering those 5k spaces to all you mention?
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    Salvatrix was in the process of redistributing the contents of the landquarium box, that would definitely be on my top list of items I wish for. IF that is not at all possible at the moment, I'd take the box back too :-)

    - please have a look at drop rates of dimension items in the CTA events, especially in the mech event drop rates were almost non-existant (also no zone event rewards, which might be a reason why?). If you continue the CTA events, it would be great if we could have the ones that were in process of being started with the respective dimension items as drops/rewards in the shop.

    - earth day items! they were great, I would love to have them back!

    - salvatrix was in the process of building some kind of dungeon pack - dungeon rooms, tunnels etc. - if you can find them, finish them and bring them to us! ;-)

    - harvest meadow key was supposed to be in last year's autumn harvest event but didn't make it due to ... well, what happened in that time, it was already in the patch notes but some bug prevented it from showing. please keep this in mind and make it available this year!

    - ambience sound music boxes - no music, just: jungle, sea/waves, animal sounds, forest sounds, ...

    - rehire salvatrix, she was overflowing with ideas to make us happy
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    Well then! I am happy to see this thread and I hope something will be done with it in the end

    First and foremost on my list:
    - PLEASE bring back the Landquarium Boxes. I was so sad to see them not available in the store, not even available for credits on our wishlists and I still miss them every day. They were definitely one of the very best dim boxes we have ever gotten and it would be great to buy them again, there will definitely be made use of fervently.

    - Please open up the Autumn Harvest stuff on our wishlists. The store part should've stayed open a week longer than the event and because I was still trying to get as much currency as I could on the last days I never got around to funneling my currency from one toon to the next and buy all the things I had been planning on buying.

    - Give us more farm animal and casual NPCs please. I am always missing cows, pigs, bunnies, normal dogs maybe? The corgis and cats are nice but there is only so many corgis and cats you can put in a dimension. A variety of animals would very much be appreciated.

    - Round rugs. Cannot stress this enough. There are so many times where I would love some round rugs to put down in houses but all we have is the square ones and there are only so much of those as well.

    - Round or differently shaped pillows.

    I guess I have more that I would like to add, but I think this would already satisfy me and a lot of people with me.

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    I would love to have curved building blocks e.g. like the planks, rectangle, square, triangle but as a curve so that we can build a curved wall etc the imagination what a simple item could do is massive


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    Please bring back the Harvest Meadow key!!
    Roses and rose bushes would be a nice addition to any dimension.
    patterned tiles in stripes, dots, floral designs.
    single curtain panels (in different colours of course)
    pre-built modern cottages/houses/cabins.
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    Hello! I would like the alphabet so we can leave a message or make a sign without using a lot of item count.

    I also would like semi circle and half sphere building blocks.
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    Default More types of waterfalls and plain water pool

    I'd like to see more types of waterfalls, especially tall ones and tall, thin ones. The Waterfall Curtain and Massive Waterfall Curtain are not very tall even at maximum size and get wider as they get taller.

    Some I'd like to see are as follows:

    1. The tall, thin waterfalls pouring out of the pipes into the Tempest Bay Canals.

    2. The thin, transparent waterfalls throughout Scatherran Forest.

    3. The tall, wide waterfalls coming off the roof of the Temple of Ranri in Goboro Reef and elsewhere.

    I'd also like to see some plain water pools. The Round Pool of Wine and Whimsical Pool of Wine are beautiful designs but being filled with wine limits their appeal as a pool for a custom-built fountain.

    I's also like to see a version of the Draumheim Circular Fountain With Pool without the fountain jet, which only works when you are very close to it anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Subuster View Post
    Please bring back the Harvest Meadow key!!
    Plus I recommend that dimension items better not be seasonal. I've found out for myself that I was waiting for Fae Yul to happen because I intended to build a christmas dimension, but when it came I found that I had more important and more interesting stuff to do. Having to wait for weeks and months can lose you customers. A buddy of mine wanted to build a harvest meadow and was waiting eagerly for halloween event, but then no key got available, and I'm afraid he quit for good.
    Plus there is no real reason at least keys should not be available the whole year.
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    It would be great to have a Dimension Key that is nothing but deep water (breathable of course) in all directions.

    That would allow building vast underwater landscapes, floating fortresses, grand naval battles, underwater volcanos, sunken ship graveyards, etc.

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