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    Default Suggestions...

    Hi there:-)

    - More space for the huge dimensions (actually 2.800 are much too less). I prefer 5k for the larger ones, while I am building "my" own little town with graveyard, lots of tavernes who are in need of lots of decoration things, plants, trees, walls and houses:-)

    - interactive merchants, owned by dimension-owner (I know this from my time when I was playing Ultima Online). So its possible to have more visitors in the dimensions. Also the ability to make some advertising for "his/her" shop in the maintowns (p.e. an official banner with the ability to post something on it)

    As I said, its only a suggestion...

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    These are just for my convenience

    1. Porticulum NPC
    2. Auction house NPC
    3. Crafting quests NPC (for all daily/weekly quests)
    4. Water you can swim in
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    Not knowing what kind of 'team' is left, leaves this hard to make suggestions.Is there a texture artist left? A modeler?

    Easy to do request would be.....Any walls/fences not currently in dimension store that are 'seperate' and not attached to a building/rock would be nice to have in the game.

    If there is a texture artist......would love to have our old current walls (housing walls) re-textured. There are so many lovely textures in Rift on different buildings, would like to see some of those placed on the walls.

    New floors, new floor textures. There are some great big stone floors in Rift, but not in dimension items....

    Would also be nice to have doors/walls/windows back in the dimension stashes. We have the small dimension stashes that have nothing but blocks. Why not have one that has walls/doors/windows?

    If there is a modeler left......Would love to see some comfy couches finally put into the game, same for chairs. You know those big stuffed comfy couches most games do have for their housing.

    Someone who can take apart a building model and separate them into pieces. We have tons of lovely buildings that you can not enter. Why not make those separate pieces so we can make our own? Walls, windows, roofs...etc.

    Arches. We need arches. Arches for doorways, arches for tunnels. Stone arches, wood arches, yeah arches.

    Curved walls. Curved blocks, in case we would like to make a big tower.....

    We love tents and vendor stations.....Lantern Hook in Droughtlands have some interesting items not in the game.

    There is a large 'decorated floor fan' in Tempest Bay that would be lovely to have in the game. Either whole or in two separate pieces. I am really interested in the decorated 'grate'.

    Sanctum pillar lights. I think at one point you could fish one up, but have not seen these in the game in a long time. Maybe make the rare items not rare but buyable in the store or in a new box.

    Basically any pretty decorative item that is in the Rift world that can be 'separate' and not whole (like the non enterable buildings) models.

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    These towers that you can walk inside of from Silverwood would be a nice addition and allow for some cool castle building.

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    Actual open gloamwood houses, they do exist already ingame in Gloamwood pines; apothecary, morgue, the lords house, the general good vendor, so getting those would honestly be a joy.

    Small open;

    Medium open (with door inside);

    Medium open (with window inside);
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