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Thread: Toil & Trouble

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    Default Toil & Trouble

    Talhia's eyes flickered across the page of the book, like the candle on the desk where she sat. While the recipe called for the usual baking soda, cornstarch, oil, and water, the recipe also called for the epsom salt, and a combination of of creeperbrush, chimera's cloak, and twilight bloom essences. As she waited for her carefully molded spheres to finish drying, she listened to the tick and tock of the grandfather clock in their suite.

    After questing for so long with Sparklynn, it was a luxury to lodge in a suite that featured a small kitchen and a private bathroom. With three minutes to go, Talhia started up the water in the tub. When the clock chimed midnight she dropped the bath bomb into the tub and watched it fiz, filling the room with the mysterious fragrance.


    With my latest dimension all built, the last ingredient for this recipe is YOU!


    Toil & Trouble (spark) by Talhia@Wolfsbane

    Toil & Trouble-2018-10-08_162301.jpg

    A bit of touring instructions:

    Do NOT take the pathway down on mount, as it is very easy to fall off. If you do fall off, just look under the pathway for the banner back up.

    and about the portals:

    Happy Halloweeen

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    I absolutely love this dimension and just can't get enough of it! It is the perfect place for a wicked Kelari, like myself, to treat herself after a hard day of testing her strength against the creatures of the Comet. A relaxing dip in the jacuzzi, followed by a massage, maybe a mani and pedi (and all the cute nail polish colors!), a stay in the sauna after traversing Vostigar Peaks all day - just what the witch doctor ordered!

    Seriously though, Spark, I love all the big and small details of this dimension. From the massive cauldron surrounded by candles that drip blood(love those candles soooo much) to the witch's hat at the lockers. Your dimensions never fail to impress and its always immediately clear how much care, attention to detail, and love you put into all of your dimensions. It is the perfect Halloween/autumn spa. I don't know how you managed to fit so much into the item limit, especially with all those small details, but its incredible!

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    Default You are just amazing!

    This is so creative and technically sound. I love it. Great work!

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    Default I'm an idiot lol

    Well When I walked in, I'm so dumb I kept walking round the cauldron lmao! I didn't see anything, till I ran up the steps like you said not to do, haha, but I'm that person to do what I'm not told. So , I finally found it, just taking the pvp thing and I was right there in the palm of the witch.I landed in a mix of eyeballs, and skin and nasty things...I just thought to myself this is so cool but I'm bout to be cooked up so I stepped through the pool or something, I'm not sure and landed in halloween girl heaven! I was so grateful for that,.. that I didn't become this witches stew, lmao. In fact I tried on the witches shoes they didn't fit hahahaha, love you Spark!!! such a fun idea ! Just another great one that truly helps me turn on the "creative me" from seeing your dims.

    "I've had so many names, old names that only the wind and trees can pronounce" - Pan's Labyrinth

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the kind words both in forums and in game.

    Thanks to those who have stopped in to check it out.

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