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Thread: Rollback dimension to prior state?

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    Default Rollback dimension to prior state?

    Is this possible in some form? My wife put a lot of effort of building custom floors, walls and etc around a house....but last night she accidentally moved the house and everything is out of place now.

    I can't find anything like an UNDO button or if a petition could fix this.

    Are there other options?

    Thank you

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    sorry, your wife will have to try to fix it by hand - for the future, you can help yourself with a workaround, using tinker tools, a dimension building addon. Save important stuff like a house you are decorating, or anything that would be devastating if you pick it up as set, you can then you can just put it in again if an error happens using "load at original location" - this feature has saved my *** at least once

    also tinker tools shows you what you have in target, especially when working with interactives it's always good to have a look at it first before picking something up

    but yes.. a lock feature or something like that would be great and has been requested a lot, who knows if it will ever come...
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    And if you can't get your head around tt, just right down the co-ords and rotation down in a notepad file, so if you do delete/move it, you can follow those numbers again.

    As said above though, far better to get used to the addon.

    This definitely sucks but it's happened to so many of us before we chose to use tinker tools.
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    I recommend tinker tools, too. Same thing happened to me once, I picked up a house with interior and thought I had marked one of the interior things.

    Undo button would be nice, though.
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