So, I decided I want to do a "summer" version of Castle Black (from Game of Thrones), so it's still obviously a WIP, but I have some teaser pictures below. It has minor snow, a full ice wall, the tunnel, all areas of the castle itself and important areas of note, as accurately as I can get it.

Not only will it be the homebase for my Guild on Faeblight, but I plan on hosting raids, Guild vs Guild battles, multi-team warfronts (using PvP items) and other fun activities for anyone interested.

If you'd like an invite to see it in-game and the progress being made you can always find me on "Commander@Faeblight" and ask for an invite! Or if you would be interested in participating in the above mentioned activities, leave a comment below and tell your friends.

Castle Black (WIP)-r2.jpg

Castle Black (WIP)-r1.jpg