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Thread: Blocks of Water and Ice

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    Default Blocks of Water and Ice

    Trion sometimes reserves good surprises in Dimensions, But there! I fell on the ***. I know that they have made the habit of wanting to make money at any cost (ahahah !!!), but remove the blocks of water and ice from the shop affinities to spend in the shop credits, and 7 credits unity, please, it's a step taken in excess. In Platinum, I would understand again that it is to give access to a larger number of players, but in credits, it remains very elitist.

    I hope this is a bugf and that it will soon be corrected as the ice blocks can buy in decks.

    I am so shocked that I was wrong in the title.
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    Default water and glass

    You mean glass, arwhen, not ice! I know you're under schock, i'm sorry, because i thought you knew it, and , well, you know what i think, i told you in game!

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    It's a confirmed bug that will get fixed, but it needs a patch, and since salvatrix was at gamescom, it hasn't been done yet... let's hope for the patch this week :-)
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