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Thread: Bravo Trion

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    Default Bravo Trion

    I'm not big on dimensions, I mostly just use mine for running dummy parses. etc. But recently I noticed in my bank that I had an Orphiel that I had stashed away and forgot about, so added him into my training dimension.

    I must say you guys outdid yourselves. It's absolutely hilarious some of the stuff he pulls.

    At one point i saw there was a white aoe on the ground and it turned me and other NPC's in there into wisps.

    Later on I saw this gem.

    He turned my Baby Gump into a goblin, my bartender into something else, left an explosion along with a couple drones and a sign behind. Sooo Orphiel...so awesome! Love it!
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    Orphiel is a gem, even if he can be a pain in the *** sometimes. I thought he'd be a great addition to an astronomy tower I was building until he started setting everything on fire and then porting out. Had to banish him to the fireworks station until he could behave.

    Which is never, apparently.
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    he will occasionally bring up a portal too.. you will definitely want to go through it!

    hint.. look for shinies in there!

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    And...he have a sexy voice ...
    Try /dance or /hug ...lol

    And he burns mu theater all the time....haha

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