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Thread: Why do you do Dimensions?

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    Smile Why do you do Dimensions?

    Hi folks! I've been playing Rift on and off since it first started years ago, before any FTP or Dimension stuff was ever a thing. There's a lot I really like about it, but I never really understood the appeal of Dimensions (I'm also a Simmer so I understand the fun in creating something of your own.) So I thought I would ask....why do you do Dimension stuff? Is there something I'm missing beyond just having a little place of your own that you can share with friends and show off your creative skill? Looking forward to your responses.

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    I started building dimensions seriously after the shard we were on (RP - Argent... RIP) was merged with a non RP one. We had issues with griefers hassling us and basically spoiling why we played Rift so our easiest solution was to make our own locations and get out of the open world.

    That is still my focus years later. I adore building but have to have a purpose for it; be it a character that needs a new home, a business that is growing or an event/NPC that needs a treacherous site to plan their nefarious evil do's.

    I don't focus on perfection because it is all about the atmosphere to me. If I am making somewhere that is in the desert then I want it to feel baked hot and glaring in the sun, same for Moonshade, Ember Isle and so on. If I have someone tell me they thought they were actually somewhere unknown in the open world when they visit then I have done what I aimed to do. It's all about the immersion
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    Hi Mietze,

    First of all would like to thank you for this thread. So nice to just go back...and remember: why did i start building? Why i like to build dimensions?

    The main thing for me is that in dimensions the sky is the limit! Anything you can think of you can make it/build it in dimensions.There is absolutely no rules in dimension world you creating. Love that! The freedom of creative thoughts! Its like dimension is a canvas and dimension items are paint...go nuts, i say

    I never build for my character, i just create a painting. The atmosphere, lights,story, attention to detail, combinations of textures. Love to design items my self ( morphing). But ofc you need a good idea to start the building...cos good idea is half of work

    I hope it will inspire you in some way to make something amazing Have Fun Building!!!
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    Default Not why I started Rift, but it's why I continue....

    I played Rift at launch, then left for a year around SL because my beloved Cleric was nerfed so badly. When I came back, dimensions had been introduced. I thought "yawn" player housing, but someone wanted us all to participate in our guild dimension and BOOM my gaming experience was flipped on its head.

    Not only do I love the creative process of re-imagining spaces, morphing, and landscaping for myself, but I get tremendous pleasure from touring other players' creations. You would not believe the talent we have in Rift. I am quite frequently stunned by what I am touring.

    Every once in a while, when I get frustrated with the gameplay in Rift, I'll try another game....but their "player housing" doesn't hold a candle to Rift.

    Putting credit where credit is due - the dimension experience on Rift has been GREATLY enhanced by the patronage of many devs throughout the years, and their close collaboration with some key representatives from the dimension community. Devs have risen to the challenge of giving us incredible things to work with. You will literally find nothing like it anywhere, in any game.

    The dimension community also deserves a shout out - those on the dimension chat channel are always willing to help, always willing to share what they have. It is the biggest, friendliest "guild" in the game.

    Dimensions are why I'm still passionate about Rift. Like many other players, I too get frustrated by some of things going on with Trion/Rift, but I will always come back for dimensions.
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    Addicted to being able to create:

    In my experience "Ultima Online" was the first game to introduce player housing and thats where I first became interested. THEN

    I started playing Rift soon after it was released, and once I entered the first dimension from the quest in Freemarch and unpacked my Little box, I instantly became addicted to both the game and to create. It was like looking at the moon from far away in UO to being on the moon in Rift.

    Rift dimension have evolved into an endless World of possibilities and have created a great community alongside with it over the years. With 3 breaks from the game, I get even more excited every time I return, so many new items were added and they just keep coming with new methods of how to obtain them with each expansion. Less fishing more Minions. Thank you Trion looking at new items gives me so many new ideas on how to use them in a dimension. It gives me creative freedom. With my wierd sense of humor I can build an idea of a situation/story that I find funny and by sharing it, I hope it might put a smile on the face of someone else. Or an idea of how to create something that moves me in RL.
    - and I love it and god I love tinkertool! Less time spend trying to angle them Blocks more time to build. Thank you! Really THANK YOU!

    - I only have one problem with Rift Dimension Building, I keep tearing Down old dimensions cause I think I can do better each time I return with new items being introduced...so trying to learn thats is a
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    I think like many people, what brought me to dimensions is the small starting dimension offered as a quest reward. First we grope, we develop this dimension as best we can. Then we visit the dimensions of other players and we begin to realize the enormous opportunities available to us. And ideas start coming one after the other. There are challenges that we have embarked upon, or at least we are trying to meet them. Contacts are made between different servers and different nationalities and cultures, because if one thing is certain, the "virus" Dimensions is universal. The vast majority of dimensionners are open-minded, eager to share and learn. And for the more adventurous, there are contests, so much criticized in recent days. The competitions that are to dimensions what the auto show is to motorized vehicles. We see everything that can be done different on the same theme. The dimensions are the lungs of Rift. Anyone can create his own worlds, we create for ourselves, but also to share our creations, whether good or bad. The important thing is to have had fun creating.

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    It starts with the song "The Torture Never Stops" by Frank Zappa, and I begin to feel the need for some dim building, so I start a new dim and, oh, the pain, it never stops, until the last piece is placed, and then, pleasure.

    I Rift, therefore I am.

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    Because dims are useful:
    - can be accessed from anywhere
    - can install crafting stations
    - can install bank and guild bank
    - can install mailbox
    - can install dummies
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