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Thread: Hero's Quest: Belly of the Beast

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    Default Hero's Quest: Belly of the Beast

    Now open on Greybriar - Hero's Quest: Belly of the Beast

    Like most of my builds, Belly of the Beast is built for explorers. It also is the third and perhaps last of the Hero’s Quest series. Similar to the themes associated with the previous builds in the series (Hero’s Quest: Hidden Canyon and Hero’s Quest: Sleeping Beauty), Belly of the Beast is a rite of passage in the enlightenment journey.

    In this one, the Hero arrives in a bleak landscape devoid of warmth or life. It is a frozen landscape that yields nothing about the challenges they will face. There is nothing here that will nourish or strengthen the Hero except their own inner strength and resolve. It suggests a moment frozen in time - suspended between life and death - and the choices that are made in that timeless moment. There is evidence of others who have been here before, and evidence of some who tried and failed. Like many moments of import in a life, some choices are a one-way ticket. Belly of the Beast is one of these.

    This particular rite of passage is one that explores the inner landscape: greed, aggression, fear, despair, distraction, intellectual knowledge, time, space and the unknown.

    I recommend a jump or two on at the loading screen and sound on. I hope you enjoy.

    https://imgur.com/ZJoIXGF Can't embed an image so here's a link.
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