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Thread: Dimension Gallery Retired

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    RIFT Fan Site Operator Nouvae's Avatar
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    Mar 2011

    Default Dimension Gallery Retired

    Hello Dimensioneers! Just a quick note to confirm the fan site Dimension Gallery has been retired. The site is down for good as well as my Twitter and YouTube.

    I've had the pleasure to meet and interact with some really lovely people here in Rift and I will take with me some fond memories! Thank you to those who supported the gallery! I enjoyed visiting your dimensions, taking screenshots and making videos but the time arrived for me to move on to other things in my life. Keeping the website up to date was a very time consuming process and the cost to keep it running each year was no longer a feasible option.

    As for archives, I've received a few questions about, everything has been deleted, 200 gigabytes of images and video erased. I saved a few articles from the site for reference, that is all.

    Best wishes to you all in your creative endeavors and adventures in Rift and beyond!


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    Soulwalker Jamesen's Avatar
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    Apr 2016

    Default A sincere thanks

    I just want to take a moment to thank you for creating such a wonderful resource, and to let you know how much I and many others appreciated the time and effort which you devoted to it.

    As a fellow web developer, I know that people often underestimate the amount of time, energy, and expense required to maintain such a project, and I've always been blown away by your patience and commitment to collecting and curating such a vast amount of dimension content. I'm (selfishly) very sad to see the Dimension Gallery shut down, but also genuinely grateful that we all had access to such an incredible resource for so long, and for all of the amazing creations that it helped me discover.

    Thank you again for all of your hard work, and best of luck with whatever you create next!
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    Plane Touched kaymcleod's Avatar
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    Best wishes on your new endeavors! Thank you so much for all you did over the years.
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    RIFT Fan Site Operator Kitasia's Avatar
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    I am super sad about this. I love you and will miss you and you better say hi via Holly once in a while because to have you gone from my life forever will make me super and I mean SUPER sad.

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    Plane Touched Loveyttsab's Avatar
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    Dear Nouvae,

    Your website was for me a window to the beautiful world of Dimensions. Every time i need something to find,to see or to show the first thing i did go to Dimension Gallery.I'm missing it already! Vey much!!! I remember you ask me if you can use one of my dimensions for your video, i was so exact it. That was for the first time someone know-dist my dimensions Give me a boost to create more and more. I'm sure i'm not the only one that you inspire.

    I hope you are doing just as amazing and happy in other things in your life,as you are was making us feel in Rift! Thank you very much for everything!

    With lots of love <3

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    Plane Touched jkelley393's Avatar
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    Aug 2014



    Thank you for everything you did for the dimension community and good luck in your future projects! You, your website, and your many other contributions to the community were truly inspiring.

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    Champion MissGreen's Avatar
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    Sep 2015

    Default Sad to hear but

    I just want to say I too have appreciated your hard work, even though I came later to dims I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet such great people and be apart of such fun contests you and others have ran. It truly was a unique experience I will never forget. Thank you for that. Also your site was a great way for me to get to know other builders in the community, I read every single featured dimensioneers story and they helped me believe in my own builds and so many great tips. I'm sure that no matter what you do , you will bring your beautiful creativity with you.

    I wish you much happiness on your new journey in life and know that you will be missed! I hope you come around and say hello as time goes on. Don't be a stranger!!

    I will continue to go see your builds in game for infinite inspiration.

    *hugs*- Raynastar
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    Champion NightShift1's Avatar
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    Dec 2013


    First I would like to thank you for what you did for the rift community running a fan site is a job not a hobby with that said thank you for the time you put in and the time you spent with me I miss touring with you even more so the chats about building I'm glad you were a part of the community our house build and the Henryetta jane movies
    I am also sorry for the things I have done and I wish I could of changed them you are a wonderful person and creator one of my top ten in Rift .

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    It has been Fun most of all a learning experience that i am sure will never end .
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    Rift Chaser Arwhen's Avatar
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    I can not say anything other than what I read above, thank you for doing all this work for years, you are an exceptional person, you had built a wonderful site, and my sadness is real to see everything work thrown into oblivion. Good luck in your future projects. I'll miss you a lot, no, it's wrong, I miss you a lot already. One thing is certain, without Dimension Gallery and without DTC, it is a page of History (with a large H) of Rift that turns. As the sky seems sad and gray now !!!
    My dimension "Nouvae's Garden" takes on a whole new meaning today, and I'm really proud to have paid you this tribute.
    Good Wind, Nouvae's, be good, and thank you for everything.

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    General of Telara
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    Mar 2015


    Thank you so much for having put all the work into tge site and the community, you will be sorely missed! Good luck with your future projects!

    So sad to see you go :-(
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    RIFT Fan Site Operator
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    Jun 2011


    I understand such decisions and hope you know how much you have inspired and supported folks by being there for all of us in the manners you have that went beyond your website.

    You made so many of us smile especially when we couldn't find reason too.Thank you and wherever/however you continue being just you, they are the luckiest people in the world to know you like we have.

    - K

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    Rift Chaser JaydedRIft's Avatar
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    May 2014


    So sorry to hear of this Nouvae!! You will be very missed by all but I totally understand the time & financial commitment. Thank you for all your hard work for so many years. Take care *hugs
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    Jan 2011


    Your fansite was one of the best and a great resource for many dimensioneers. Best wishes in your future endeavors. I am sure your next projects will be as inspiring as The Dimension Gallery was.

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    Ascendant BlackZodiac's Avatar
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    Wish you the best! Sorry to see it go, was truly a wonderful, inspirational site. I will miss it.

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    Soulwalker Mistynite's Avatar
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    I agree with everything everyone has said in this thread, so so sad to see you have to retire. Heres wishing you all the very best in you further adventures through life. You gave my Guild dimension (Defiled Gelidra) a lovely report a few years back. thank you.

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