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Thread: Our Community

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    Default Our Community

    I debated about posting this, but I feel strongly it needs to be said. I am sorry if it offends anyone it is not meant to. I hope it will be viewed as constructive criticism. I know we as a community have been on shaky ground so to speak. First we lost Winter then Real life stepped in with it's bad timing and we lost DTC and Dimension Gallery. That is why I think we need to be reminded to take a page from all of them and support one another positively. When I came into this great community several years ago The positive support I received was amazing to say the least. It astounded me because I wasn't sure I should continue in Dimensions after receiving very negative comments about my dims ( not from anyone in the community) So this subject is close to me. I have to say after seeing some comments in some threads it does concern me even though I know they are meant with good intentions. I don't believe they belong in the forum , a pm yes, a mail yes. The reason for this is because I have seen how some are received. There are no rules to building a dimension they are there for the expression of the builder. It is their vision not ours. That is the great thing about touring you never know what you are going to see. It always amazes me, the diversity the originality of our community. We don't want to stifle it .
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    Marnth's post is a good reminder to care for the things that are precious to us, like this fantastic community. Rift has made the best building feature in an mmo and continually provided great support for it.

    I'd also like to add that the DTC is not lost, just on hiatus while Feendish is deployed.

    (And if I was a better friend I'd be posting over there.) >.<
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    Agree 100% with you! I have been over on prime since launch but I always go back to live to support and give love to the builders over there. I started dims back in 2014 or 15 can't recall but I have had so much fun learning and meeting great people. It does make me sad that some things have to come to an end, but I have faith in this community that we will always carry each other on. I have met some new people on live and prime and its wonderful to see the community growing strong. I have to admit I got lost in my dimension over on prime and now I have to play catch up with my guildies to get to lvl 50. For me though dims will always be my first love in this game and I think its great new folks are trying dims out for the first time and I wanted to support that and be a part of that.

    As far as the comments go, I agree and I have had some rude comments sent to me(mail) in game about my work, which I thought was very uncool. I would never shun anyones work, never. Also I have seen some kindly give advice on those that post their work on the forums, sometimes I agree with it , sometimes I think its a bit much and to just let the person do their own thing. So I see where you are coming from.

    Overall though, I'm happy to still be apart of such a great community, and I intend to keep giving anyway I can, even if its just touring, which I love to do every time I jump back on live.

    btw the devs kept Wintercharm's npc on prime which makes me smile. *hugs*
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