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Thread: Titanic Cruise Ship Open

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    Default Luxury Cruise Line Open/added screenshots

    Hello, I have updated my Titanic/Shorewood Island Dimension with over 800 new items and given the entire ship a complete overhaul. It is a giant Cruise Ship built 1 tile at a time. Come on over to Hailol and take a peak. Hope you enjoy seeing it half as much as I've enjoyed building it.

    Dimension: Shorewood Island
    Dimension Name : Luxury Cruiseline
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Titanic Cruise Ship Open-2018-05-07_113308.jpg   Titanic Cruise Ship Open-2018-05-07_113144.jpg   Titanic Cruise Ship Open-2018-05-07_114322.jpg   Titanic Cruise Ship Open-2018-05-07_114357.jpg  
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    Hi Seekin,

    This is a nicely build ship with beautiful interieur. Very goed lightning en use of dimension space.
    The only thing i have is with the name of dimension.When i saw Titanic i was expecting a ship from unforgettable, tragic peace of history. It was disappointing when i enter your dim.
    The dimension is very goed,but its not Titanic. I would change the name for less expectation from visitors.

    Thank you for shearing
    And ofc +1

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    I totally agree with Lovey, another name to the dimension would be less confusing. A more humorous name would be perfect in my opinion. But do not sulk our pleasure, the visit remained anyway, very pleasant. Thank you for sharing.

    PS: I too have a dimension on this theme: April 15, 1912

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    I mean it is his interpretation of titanic. After all it's got the 4 chimneys, so clearly it's inspired by it.

    I mean sure, Arwhen has has to go and link his classic piece for comparisons sake *cough* show off *cough* (only joking)

    Keep the name, why not. You've clearly spent a lot of time on it, looking forward to the next installment!
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    A dimension is a whole. The work done, the lighting chosen, the music chosen and ... the name.
    Choosing a name in line with the theme is less obvious than it seems.
    Lovey and I recognize the quality of the work, but there is a mismatch between the name and what it shows.
    Yes, the boat is clearly inspired by the Titanic, but this one is made in a cartoon style that realistic realism, hence my suggestion to give it a humorous name in the style of Titan .. Hic! or Iceberg 1 - Titanic 0 (but too long for this one).

    Finally, I posted a screen of my vision of Titanic, it's true, I should not have. Thank you for supporting where it tickles.

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