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Thread: New Tulan Dim - The puzzled horse

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    Red face New Tulan Dim - The puzzled horse

    Hi everyone,

    Just want to let you all know of my dimension and any feedback you may have for its decoration. Given that it's new, the dim won't list under the public settings (threshold minimum is now around 37 Likes). I've added a couple of "gateway" puzzles (which are super easy, btw) and one maze located under the pyramid.

    With regard to any puzzles/mazes designed by players, I have a suggestion for the devs... can we please have some Dimension items suitable for puzzles/mazes as there's very little in this regard apart from, maybe two items, PvP items. We can only do so much with jump pads, elevators, and doorways. For starters, I'm thinking along the lines of thing like:

    * updrafts;
    * sidedrafts;
    * downdrafts;
    * revolving doors;
    * trapdoors;
    * moveable blocks (ie, up/down left/right);
    * slides;
    * slippery surfaces;
    * interactive conditional switches ("if... then...);
    * spikes;
    * knockback devices (eg, water hydrants);
    * pressure plates.

    I'm sure there are many others but those things crossed my mind while designing my dim.

    My dim details are:

    Name: The puzzled horse
    Dim: Tulan
    Me: Adorisha
    Shard: Faeblight

    Many thanks!



    Edit: Also, please note that its a work in progress so there's more stuff to be added.
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