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Thread: A great New EU Dim

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    Soulwalker shayalune's Avatar
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    Default A great New EU Dim

    Refuge From the Curse is a lovely new Dimension that is on Zaviel. It has a romantic setting with amazing views and a myriad of delicate touches showing great attention to detail. BUT one knows there is something up when you find a secret escape passage and a cage within. This dim is everything you would expect from Gloamwood and so much more. I took some awesome screen shots, but sadly I have no idea how to post them. I do assure you that Sindarielle's dim will enchant and enthrall you, a real must see.

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    Plane Touched Loveyttsab's Avatar
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    Default Fantastic!

    Hi Shayalune,
    Thank you for sharing your dimension I enjoyed the visit very much! The layout of the house is perfect ( en it not that easy to do ). It looks from any side in proportion en balance. The furniture is very creative. You did en amazing job on garden. The way you use the Gloamwood Glen dimension for lay out of your garden and use of trees and flowers, fantastic!!!
    Good job!!!
    The only thing what i woud try to do better is laying building blocks/tiles next to each other.There a bit of inconsistency. I don't know if you using Tinker Tools or not. If you do, look me up on Typhiria onder this name, i can help you with that Or send a mail to me on Forum.

    Thank you again for sharing your dimension!!! and ofc +1

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    Lovey summed it up very well. The only thing that diminishes (a little) the pleasure of the visit is the rather hazardous alignment of building blocks. Anyway, this dimension is well worth its +1. Bravo.

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    Great dimension, thanks for sharing.

    I like the idea of the "secret" exit, and how it matches the title of the dim. Makes you think the family there is a noble one (with the third floor nursery/schoolroom) hiding from some sort of magic, and needs a quick getaway route. My favorite part is the kelari bed morph in (what I think is) the "parents" bedroom.

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    Loved the garden paths and the structure. Great floor plan, awesome furniture morphs. I enjoyed my visit very much.

    Great work!

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    Very enjoyable visit. Especially liked the gold and blue room, and the garden. Are they a noble family who escaped the werewolf curse?
    And well, this is an unusual thing for me to pay notice to, but that was one adorable baby crib and mobile.

    I can't be the only one who gets obsessive about CLOSING these interactable doors after myself? Please tell me I'm not the only one ;D

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