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    RIFT Fan Site Operator Kitasia's Avatar
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    Default LETS PARTY

    Its a party. Sunday, April 1st is RiftDimensionAddicts.com 5th Birthday.

    !!!! In Celebration of YOU !!!!

    For being there, for loving the site and using it every day. For just being the best darn community. With the help of our dear Brasse, we have some great prizes to give away. The Party will start on EU Sunday, April 1st at 8 pm server (12 noon NA). Then we will head on over to NA to start the party at 2 pm server (10 pm EU).

    If you join the party on EU don't forget to join the EU community chat at dimensionaddicts@Zaviel. The party over on NA is dimensionaddicts@Deepwood. These two channels have also been around for 5 years. Created to support the community by a group of amazing dimensioneers. Who knew 5 years ago how much of a community you all would make happen. Keep them going for 5 more.

    So lets party and celebrate dimensionerds from yesteryear to tomorrows brilliant and amazing dreams.
    ~Never Stop Creating~
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    happy birthday dimensionaddicts, one of the greatest sources we have for dimensioneers :-) thanks for keeping this site up and running!

    to the next 5 years!
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    Happy Birthday Rift Dimension Addicts! Thanks for all your hard work over the years, your site has been an amazing source of information on dimension items and I am grateful for it.

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    Default What a nice surprise.....

    if some "old timers" can stop by and say hello! It's been ages since I've seen folks like Diva, Laeti, Zillaan, Bella, Faragonx.....I know I'm forgetting so many names! And I hope Feendish can stop by - miss that girl!

    Can't wait - should be fun.
    Boudicah (65), Ceridwynn (65), Gwenllyan (60), Iceniqueen (42), and Prasutagus (46) @Wolfsbane

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    Happy Birthday!!
    Everis@Faeblight, Mistress of Misfit Clubhouse Guild and Owner of;

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    Abertawe Woods - Mathosian Cascades
    and more to follow

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    Happy Birthday, Dimension Addicts!

    Dimensions on Greybriar and Zaviel
    The DTC: Dimension Tours - Building Tips


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