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Thread: Mariel-Taun

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    Default Mariel-Taun

    I know it is to late to do anything this year. I also understand that nothing may ever happen past what we get now. This was just me dreaming of what could make Mariel-Taun a bit more fun.

    I don't mean a full-blown holiday. It doesn't need special currency or quests. Just some cheap gifts and decorations.

    Decorating the cities. I know that this would mean new art assets. Heart pennants Like this http://dimensionaddicts.com/node/4714 but with hearts, heart balloons, flowers, and maybe some falling hearts. Move the wedding NPC up front for a week and give it a special booth. Have a gift vendor.

    Have it so the gift vendor has little dim items you can send to your loved one or just a special friend.
    Valentine frilly heart cards
    Flowers bouquet, and singles
    Balloons bouquet, and singles
    Luv Bug plushie
    Luv Bug NPC
    Wine and champagne bottles
    Wine and champagne glasses
    Turn the new flowers into weapon skins
    Turn the balloons into pets

    I was just here wishing we had some stuff like this for the holiday. I know it would be a crap ton of work but it would be so cool.

    EDIT: I know some might wonder why dim forums and not general. Well silly me was clicked in the dimension section and wrote the post and posted it not realizing it was not in the general section. My bad
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    Default yes yes yes!

    I, too, have been thinking about this lately.

    I'd love to see the "self love bug" illusion item as a dim item crafted by dream weaving.

    Dimension versions of bouquets and single flowers [of roses/carnations etc in multiple colors] to gift to friends for very affordable prices that would encourage friendship, love, and support, would be fantastic.

    Offering these items via the marriage coordinator npc person in the main cities, is a great idea- that way they would be available year round.

    thanks Kit for sharing

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    Default Yes!

    I almost stopped reading at Luv Bug Plushie.....because Plushie!....but then I got to the champagne and glasses. So much yes! Any time they add tableware in any shape or form is much appreciated. Almost every single dim includes so sort of dining or eating area, and many, many feature relaxation areas that would be ideal for a glass of wine or a cup of coffee (not that a mug of mead is unwarranted). The current boxes of glassware are incredible for jars, mugs and such, but would love to see some prefab wine glasses.
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    honestly doing this sort of thing for every holiday in the US and abroad would add a lot of copy and paste annual content that would take our focus off mind numbing grinds and relentless RNG

    it could go a long way for little effort down the line to keep us busy, occupied and satisfied

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